This is a "live" page as we continue to get FAQ's that people want to know!

Where did you get the name, Mason & Logan?

The founders have wanted children for some time, and on 11/04/16, twins were born with... you guessed it, the names Mason & Logan.

How long does it take to get items once I purchase?

We try to have items out to you in 2-3 weeks, hopefully sooner.  We partner with different vendors and work with them to expedite orders during the holidays and other times that might be personal to you.  If for whatever reason you want something faster, contact us!  There might be an upcharge, but we'll work with you.

Placing an Order

How Do I Make an Order?

Find your favorite item(s) on any product page, add them to cart and checkout. That's it, it's easy!

Where is My Confirmation Email?

Mason & Logan automatically sends you a confirmation email about the details of your orders and the estimated delivery date. If you did not receive one, don't worry! You can try these instead:

  1. Check the spam folder of your email account
  2. Check your Paypal transaction history
  3. Or, you may contact us so we can send you an email with your order history

How Do I Find the Right Size for Me?

Can't decide what size clothing you need? Choose from our size guide on any product page to help you come up with a decision. If there's no sizing line-up for your order, or if you have any other questions about the garment you want, you may contact us so we can help you choose the right size:

Where is My Receipt?

Mason & Logan will send an invoice to you via email which will serve as your receipt when you make an order.

What Type of Payment Do You Accept?

On Checkout, you may pay with your Credit Card or Paypal account.

What Happens After I Place My Order?

We will be sending you a confirmation email. Since we work with multiple vendors, designers and artists, we strive to have your items arrive at your doorsteps within 14 days! (within North America).

What is Your Guarantee?

Mason & Logan offers 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee on all its items to make sure that we deliver high-quality products all the time. If the goods you receive are flawed otherwise, we offer our customers a 30-day guarantee where we will be sending a replacement at no additional costs.  Please see our Returns and Exchanges section.

Do You Offer Discount Vouchers or Coupons?

Please sign up and be included in our mailing list for you to be the first to know about super deals, discounts and other promotions!

Can I Send My Order as a Gift? 

ABSOLUTELY! Simply fill in the recipient's name and address in the shipping information field.

Who did your website?  It can be a little better...

You got me!  We're not graphic designers and are just starting out.  We hope you'll be a part of our journey as we grow.  Any suggestions or improvements, please let us know!