About Me

My name is Mason Logan, I'm a full stack developer with extensive experience using Python to automate testing and database management, API data, job scheduling, and many more purposes. I am knowledgeable in using Oracle, MySql, Postgres, MongoDB, and a number of specialty databases. Additionally, I am familiar with Flask and Django for web development, the ELK stack for devops monitoring, InfluxDB and Grafana for metrics collection and visualization, and have experience using containerization (primarily Docker) for deploying production applications

Aside from the tools I use for work, I am interested in working with Linked Data/RDF formats such as JSON-LD and how they can be used to create practical ways to share and distribute data, as well as learning more about containerization and how it can be used to create portable applications that make the lives of users and developers easier

I graduated from the University of North Carolina at Asheville in 2020 with a degree in Computer Science and currently live in the Raleigh-Durham area in North Carolina

Outside of programming, I spend a lot of time reading, hiking, and taking care of an ever-growing collection of houseplants

Projects I've worked on


Pyodide, an in-browser Python interpreter, lacks support for multithreading. However, most web browsers provide the WebWorker API that can be used to run background processes. PyWebWorker seeks to use the WebWorker API to provide an alternative to the missing threading library

Tumblr RSS Feeds

Tumblr lacks the ability to easily get the rss feeds for blogs a user follows without extensive use of their API. This lightweight flask application allows users to save their follower list as an html document, upload it to the server, and receive a list of rss urls in csv format to allow for the use of an RSS reader as a lightweight alternative to the full site on restrictive hardware